Auchumpkee Creek bridge in Georgia
The historic 1892 Auchumpkee Creek Covered Bridge in Georgia
Bath Covered Bridge, New Hampshire
The historic 1832 Bath Covered Bridge in New Hampshire
Pulp Mill Covered Bridge in Vermont
The 1853 "Double-barreled" Covered Bridge in Vermont
Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge in New Hampshire
The historic 1827 Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge in New Hampshire
Humpback Bridge in Virginia
The historic 1857 Humpback Covered Bridge in Virginia
East & West Paden Twin Bridges
The 1850 East & West twin covered bridges in Pennsylvania


  An estimated 14,000 covered bridges were built in the US, mostly between the years 1825 to 1875, but less than 800 of these unique architectural treasures are still standing. This gallery's goal is to help preserve our Covered Bridge History by the use of multiple photographic images.  Although not all remaining bridges are included in this gallery, the 500 authentic and/or historic covered wooden bridges featured here include their dimensions, history, locations, and local legends.  


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Covered Bridge Images, Trusses, History, and More

Covered Bridge History USA

An article about the history of authentic covered bridges in the USA

Covered Bridge History International

International history of covered bridges around the world

What is a Timber Covered Bridge

The history and description of wooden covered bridges in the US.

Covered Bridge Societies & Organizations

A list of covered bridge societies, organizations, books and websites.

Covered Bridge Truss Patents

Story and examples of the numerous covered bridge patented truss designs.

Covered Bridge Restorations

The restorations of covered bridges, the costs, and administrative procedures.

Covered Bridge Facts & Legends

Interesting facts and legends about historical covered bridges.

Bridge Chasing & Photography

Covered bridge tourism and photography.

A Barrage of Bridges


Arriving at the Song and Wind covered bridge in China on a mountain bicycle

Covered is the work of travel photographer Millard Farmer. Surrounded by the covered bridges in the eastern states during the 1950s and 60s, these magnificent structures were an intricate part of growing up along the east coast. With local bridges and hundreds more in Pennsylvania just up the road, covered bridges were the main adventure destination for every teenager old enough to drive.


Whether out for a drive, perhaps a hot date, picnicking alongside the river, fishing, or swimming within its covered shadows, heading to the bridge was the place to go. In winter, we'd gather in heated cars by the river, staring up at the bridge, counting the days until spring would roll around once again.

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China's Great Wall End to End

“China’s Great Wall End to End” is the survival story of an extreme 1980s, 11-month journey, backpacking across China on top of the Great Wall. From triumphs and jubilation to misery and misfortune, this intriguing photo-journal documents this “Seventh Wonder of the World” like never before. A solo 20th-century photo expedition by Millard Farmer.    Available on Amazon.


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